20 Super Hot Slot

20 Super Hot EGT Free Slots:

This is a online slot machine game developed by European Games Technology (EGT). The game consists of five slots reels and twenty paylines which cannot be adjusted by the player. In order to win the game, the player has to place a bet from the available betting options then spins the wheel and hope for any of the symbols to touch any one of the twenty paylines. Each symbol has different prize value for different combinations.

Paylines of Note:

The game consists of twenty combination of paylines which cannot be adjusted by the players. Each payline is with different shape and size making sure that every line is capable of spreading throughout the slot.

Payline Chart:

Payline 1: It is a horizontal line between the 2nd and 3rd payline.
Payline 2: It is a horizontal line above the 1st payline.
Payline 3: It is a horizontal line below the first payline.
Payline 4: It is in the shape of V, starting from the 2nd payline coming down to the 3rd payline and ending at the 2nd payline.
Payline 5: It is the shape of inverted payline 4.
Payline 6: It starts from the beginning point of 2nd payline and ends at 3rd payline.
Payline 7: It starts from the beginning point of 3rd payline and ends at 2nd payline.
Payline 8: It starts from the beginning of the 1st payline goes along with the 3rd payline and ends at the last point of 1st payline.
Payline 9: It starts from the beginning of the 1st payline goes along with the 2nd payline and ends at the last point of the 1st payline.
Payline 10: It is the inverted form of 9th payline.
Payline 11: It is the inverted form of 8th payline.
Payline 12: It starts from the 2nd payline comes down to the 3rd payline, goes up to the 1st payline before returning back to the 2nd payline.
Payline 13: It is the inverted form of 12th payline.
Payline 14: It resembles a ‘W’ starting from payline 2 and ending at the end of the same payline.
Payline 15: It resembles a ‘M’ which is in the form of inverted 14th payline. Payline 14 and 15 touch each other.
Payline 16: It resembles ‘V’ with side lines more elaborated.
Payline 17: It is the inverted form of 16th payline.
Payline 18: It is same as the 14th payline, but the ‘W’ is even more stretched to the bottom.
Payline 19: It is the inverted form of 18th payline. Both payline 18 and 19 overlap each other.
Payline 20: This is the final payline which also resembles a ‘V’ with wings.

20 Super Hot Bonus features:

The bonus features comes with the jackpot cards.

Jackpot cards:
It is a four level mystery card each level has a different card symbol. The four levels are mentioned below along with their symbols.
Level 1: Clovers (Clubs)
Level 2: Tiles (Diamond)
Level 3: Heart
Level 4: Pike (Spade)

These jackpot levels are won during a jackpot mystery bonus which will be given to the player as a bonus entry once finishing a single game. The mystery level is played by keeping 12 cards inverted and asking the players to pick 3 cards. If the player picks 3 cards of same type, he will be awarded with a higher level mystery card. The level of mystery card depends upon the player picking the 3 identical cards.

Game symbols 20 Super Hot:

The game consists of six fruit symbols, 7’s and a star symbol. The fruit symbols are the basic and most common.

Symbols and their payouts:

Lemon, Orange and Cherry:
5x Lemon/Orange/Cherry = 100 points
4x Lemon/Orange/Cherry = 20 points
3x Lemon/Orange/Cherry = 10 points

Watermelon, Blueberry:
5x Watermelon/Blueberry = 200 points
4x Watermelon/Blueberry = 40 points
3x Watermelon/Blueberry = 20 points

5x grapes = 400 points
4x grapes = 80 points
3x grapes – 20 points

The number 7 also acts as a substitute for any of the fruit symbols but not to the star (scatter) symbol. However the combination of 7’s will also give a great amount of bonus.
5x 7’s = 1000 points
4x 7’s = 400 points
3x 7’s = 40 points

Star or scatter:
The star symbol is the game’s most paid symbol which gives a maximum of 10000 points in a single spin. It can also give points without touching the paylines.
5x scatter = 10000 points
4x scatter = 400 points
3x scatter = 100 points

40 Super Hot Slot Preview

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