Nordic Heroes

Do you love exciting adventures? The Nordic Heroes pokies game enables you to enter and defeat monsters from two dangerous realms: the Sea of Glory and the Forest of Fortune. You have to be warned though; the battle is not for the faint-hearted. The game has eight levels that you must work through in the Level-up bonus.

Features of Nordic Heroes Pokies by IGT

You need to defeat the monsters before proceeding to the next level. The Nordic Heroes has a character picker feature that enables you to choose between the beautiful and fierce Thora and the handsome Ragnar.

1. The Base Camp

There are a lot of prize symbols that can be won in the Sea of Glory as well as the Forest of Fortune. You can get 250 coins for the Eagles and Wolves, 500 coins for the Arrow Tips and Thor-style hammers, and 1000 coins for the characters Thora and Ragnar.

2. Heroic Battles Bonus

This bonus feature is activated when you have three scatter symbols appearing on the reels 1, 3 and 5. The free spins are important when it comes to destroying your opponents, or when you want to protect yourself from them. In the first round, you will encounter Jaws the Wolf in Forest of Fortune. When you move to the second round you will meet Tusk the Warthog. In the last round, you will have to battle with the Evil Arrow.

The Sea of Glory also has different opponents. Here, you will come face Ink the Poisonous Octopus, Claw the Giant Crab and the Giant Sea Serpent. You can use the victory spins to get wild reels and wild symbols. These will boost your victory. When playing the game, watch out for combat reel symbols. These symbols are useful when fighting the monsters. Additionally, you can use them to protect yourself.

3. The Mystery Multiplier Feature

This feature gives you the opportunity to win up to 30 times your wager. It is important to note that this number greatly depends on the level that you have reached. If you want to increase your chances, then you should unlock numerous games first. If you are between the first and fifth step, you will get a multiplier of up to 20 times. At step 6, the number rises to 25 times. Finally, you can get 30 times multiplier when you reach level 7 and 8.

4. Character Picker

When playing Nordic Heroes, you can choose to play as Thora or Ragnar. You can switch between the two characters using the button on the top left side of the screen. When starting out, you will only be allowed to play as Thora. But, when you reach the third level, you have the chance of choosing Ragnar as well.

5. Realm Picker

This game also enables you to pick the realm in which you want to play in. The realm can be selected using the compass on screen. It is important to note that the Sea of Glory can be chosen once you reach level 5. Otherwise, level 1 to 4, you can only play in The Forest of Fortune. Both realms offer free spins that can be used to combat the opponent; they both have reel icons in battle rounds and base mode; and have different monsters that you are required to fight.

6. Level-Up Plus

This feature helps you to monitor your character’s progress. The game has 8 levels. These levels include “Wanderer”, “Traveler”, “Explorer”, “Adventurer”, “Defender”, “Slayer”, “Hero” and lastly “Champion”. You need to defeat your opponents in order for you to move to the next level. After winning a level, you will be rewarded with XP points as well as special weapons. The points help you to unlock the eight levels while the weapons help you defeat the monsters.


The Nordic Heroes is an epic game that gives pokies gamers a chance to go for an unforgettable adventure. It has great features such as the mystery multiplier, battle bonus and fierce characters.

Nordic Heroes Live Play Preview

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