Mr Cashman Free Pokies Game Guide Review

The Mr Cashman pokies game started with a bet of 250, Credit points of 6670 and zero winning points. When the player hit his first spin, it brought her three Jacks and a Dancing Man. After one unlucky turn, she got three Kings and a Cash Rabbit. Kings were located in the first three rows and in a diagonal manner. Cash Rabbit was in the fourth row of the bottom line.

When points were won, Mr Cashman logo popped up on the screen as a way of celebrating winning in this lucky spin. After the logo moved from the screen, a smiley face with a hat on top showed up.

It moved across the screen and stooped near the winning point’s meter. It was pointing its finger towards this meter, whose number was rising higher until it stopped at the final sum of 450 free points. A complete Mr Cashman pokies videoΒ synopsis is under the video.

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Mr Cashman Pokies Free Game Video Review & Summary

  • The new round started with zero winning points and the next three turns brought no luck either, until the fourth turn with three Jacks. Even this time, the spin gave nothing. What followed was a spin worth a Cash Bunny but without points because the slot turned too soon. The spin that followed brought two Nines, one in the first row, and a second one in second row of the same line.
  • The next spin was an extra lucky one, with four Nines, four Sombreros, and a dancing Cash Bunny. Four Nines were located in the first four rows of first line, while Sombreros were scattered across the slot’s screen, two being in the bottom line, third in middle line of third row, and fourth being in bottom line of fifth row. The Dancing Cash Bunny was located in the fourth row of the bottom line. This game won her 8240 points in total, and she was standing at 14040 Credit points.
  • In the turn that followed, she got three Sombreros and a Cash Bunny where the Cash Bunny was in the first line of the fifth row whilst first two Sombreros were in the first line of the first two rows and the third Sombrero in the third row of the middle line.
  • After five unlucky turns, the sixth one got her a strike of three Jacks, scattered across first three rows, which meant 30 winning points. She also won three Jacks located in the exact same positions as in the game before, just with an addition of a Cash Bunny in the last row which brought 100 points in total.
  • The next game started from zero points. There was the first unlucky spin, second one provided her with the same combination of three Jacks and Cash Bunny. From time to time, she went back and forth to her friend, Mike’s slot machine while he was playing. Perhaps she wanted to compare his winning and results to her own. After getting back to her slot, she won 20 points of double Jacks.
  • More than ten unlucky turns happened before she finally won double Jack and Cash Bunny, getting her a whopping 100 points. This was repeated for two times in the next five spins. She again moved towards her friend’s slot machine, and she observed that his score was greater than that of Mr Cashman score she has won.
  • A Mr Cashman free online pokies game has not be seen by us so far unfortunately.

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