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The lucky player started immediately in The Phantom pokies free bonus round which is a cracker. He needed to choose between four reel sets, the one he thought would have the most scattered wins, that is skulls. Only the credits won in the selected reel set will be awarded, except if he chose the reel with enough skulls. In that case, he would win the combined payout of all four reel sets.

He started off by selecting the Skull Cave reel on the top left of the screen. There was a total of ten games to be played. In the first one he won no credits at all, but neither do the other three reels, so he was okay. He did, however, find two skulls. The next round provided him with five more skulls, but still no winnings. This is again followed by one more skull, but this time, he also won 200 credits.

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  • Not seen a free online Phantom pokies aboutΒ – anyways the Ghost Who Walks will just need to be played at your local Aussie casino for the moment πŸ™‚

The Phantom Pokies Free Game Guide & Review

  • The following game provided little excitement since he didn’t win any credits or find any skulls. The second reel set though gave him 30 winnings. This is followed by two further uneventful rounds. In the next spin, he found three more skulls, putting his total up to eleven. In the next one, he gained a further 40 winnings, however, the first reel set below him shot theirs up to 600.
  • When there were only three games left to play, he found a further six skulls, putting him in a clear lead with a total of 17. He also won a further 200 credits. In the penultimate spin, he had four identical hooded men, which gives him a combined total of 560. The last one did not improve his luck more and he ended it with 1540 in total.
  • He then started playing the next bonus round where he chose the first reel set, named the Isle of Eden. He was feeling lucky that time. The first round started off calmly, with only two skulls. It was quickly followed by another one where the player got a further five skulls. One more skull is won in the next round, together with the first 30 credits.
  • In the next spin, he won a further two skulls, taking the total to ten. He still had very little winnings, but was his luck about to change? The next one increased them to 230 when he found four of the same in a line. He also got a further 20 in the following round. At that point, he only had five games left to play.
    Next, he played a game which gave him 70 winnings, but now his only focus is getting enough skulls.
  • He wins a further 30 credits in the next round. He sounds like he almost gave up hope. Amazingly, in the penultimate spin, he finds seven skulls, putting his total to 18, enough to win all the credits. It was an amazing turnaround. His total winnings now are at 550. In the final one, the chosen reel set does not provide any winnings. That doesn’t matter however as he won big on The Phantom pokies machine with a total of 2190 winnings how good is that !

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