Do you really know what responsible gambling is? many think they are aware of what gambling smart is but sadly many punters are missing the key points to staying on a safe path when having a bet.

What is responsible and smart gambling

Did you know responsible and smart gambling is when you…

  • Are in full control of how much money and time you spend gambling online or at your local casino.
  • Understand that casinos are in business only due to the fact that players lose more than they win.
  • Understand that advertisements for gambling are designed by professionals that focus on manipulating human emotions and weaknesses.
  • View gambling as a type of entertainment and enjoyment and not a way to earn money or an income.
  • Only risk the funds that you can afford to lose while gambling.
  • Understand the risks and accept the odds that you will most likely not win a big prize or jackpot.
  • Understand that you will probably not win playing the pokies.
  • Understand that you will probably not win betting on the horses.
  • Understand that you will probably not win placing a sportsbook bet.

  • Understand that you will probably not win on the lotto.
  • Understand that you will probably not win gambling in any way shape or form.
  • Don’t try and win back your losses or increase your bets when losing.
  • Walk away when you are in front and don’t keep pushing your luck for more wins.
  • Seek professional help when your gambling is affecting your health, work, family or social wellbeing.
  • Stop gambling when it’s not fun anymore.

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