Wild Ways Pokies Free Play Guide & Review

The Wild Ways pokies game began with 5930 Credit points, bet of 125, and 625 of winning points. The player had 15 free games and his first turn brought three Aces and two Sunsets win. Aces won him 3 times per 100 points which made a total of 300 points while Sunsets won him 250 points per three times which made a total sum of 750 points.

Next turn brought four Queens each of 500 points and four Hippos. The first Queen was in the first row of the first line, second Queen in the third row of the last line, third Queen in the fourth row of the middle line and fourth Queen in the fifth row of the last line. He definitely had a lucky spree in the video below!

  • We have not seen a real play online version of Wild Ways pokies – maybe a free version is about though.

Wild Ways Pokies Free Bonus Preview

Full Narration of Wild Ways Slots Below

  • The third spin brought him three Sunsets which meant 625 points more and consequently, his number of winning points came to 1675. The player would then win five Hippos in the subsequent spin as well as five queens more.
  • The first queen was located in the first row of the first line, second one in third row of middle line, third Queen in fourth row of middle line and fifth one in fifth row of the bottom line.
  • These five Queens brought six times per 500 points, making it 3000 points in total. Whilst Queens were blinking, Hippo symbols were also activated and each one was in the same row as the Queen.
  • The player’s winning points came to 16675 points in total. The following winning strike brought the player two Nine wins, of about 60 points in total. At this point, he only had 11 free Wild Ways games more to go.
  • The following turn happened to be Sunset filled as the player won two Sunsets; one located in the second row of the first line and the other Sunset in fifth row of the middle line.
  • Points won were three times per 250 which made a total of 750. Score at that moment was 17485. The next turn resulted in three Nine wins which brought a total of 150 points in addition to three King wins which made 300 points.
  • In total, the gamer got 450 points; the first Nine were located in the first line of the first row and the second one in second line of the second row. The first King was in the second line of the first row and first line in second row.
  • The next spin won him three Jacks, all located in first three rows. That brought him 75 points more making a total winning score of 18010 points.
  • After a short unlucky streak, luck showed up once again as the player won four Jacks which means 125 points per six times, totaling 750 points. The first Jack was placed in the first row of the bottom line, second Jack in second row of the middle line and third Jack in third row of the bottom line. The player had six more free games remaining. In the second turn after the last lucky one, he got two Nines positioned in the first two rows which meant a win of 30 points in total.
  • The last turn brought him three Kings with the first King being in the first row of the middle line, second King in second row of bottom line, whilst the third King was placed in the third row of the middle line. The sum brought with this spin was 150 points, taken that each King had 50 points of worth.

The final winnings of Wild Ways pokies was a massive 18940 – how great is that !

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